Gone are the days when we just had to rant about our TV commercials for selling almost every products with dance moves. Our advertising industry is surely learning new things and implementing different ideas, specially, the ones with social messages for our society. Just recently, we saw one such TVC by Blue Band Margarine with a tagline ‘Achayi Barhne Do,’ and we absolutely loved the idea.

The TVC has a message for parents as well as children. Let the Blue Band take care of the heath of children and meanwhile, parents should focus on character building of them.

It shows a group of young boys playing throwball in a garden with one arm and the other folded at the back. A mother is watching all this from her kitchen with strange feelings until she sees a boy passing by. The kids playing in the garden call him to join them in playing. This boy is then revealed as physically disabled with one arm. As he joins, everyone hide one of their arm inside their t-shirts and the game starts again.

This idea portrayed through this brilliant TVC encourages parent tp ensure social inclusion by removing barriers to participation of children who are unable to play or join other kids because of their physical or mental health issues. It aims to change that perception and we absolutely love it.


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