The way to success for Pakistan’s music biz has been paved by legendary artists, but is being carried forward by the youth. We clearly witnessed the feat this year, with new bands emerging, and new artists being given the chance to perform tall and proud on prodigious platforms. Speaking of such platforms, Coke Studio failed to maintain the standards, despite their tremendous efforts. On the other hand, it sure looks like Pepsi’s newfound bands are here to take the throne. It wasn’t easy, but here are some handpicked songs of the year, that made their way to music fanatic hearts.

Saqi-e-Bawafa by Saakin

This haunting track by Saakin is indubitably a game changer for the Pakistani music scene. The band cultivated a soothing, spiritually pleasing rendition of Shams Tabrizi’s verses, and made a video that goes with the theme of the music. If this sound persists, they are bound to make it big globally in no time.

Kashmakash by Xarb

Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands garners insane talent every year, and Xarb is one of their gems. Their original track, Kashmakash, has a very nostalgic feel to it and will take you back to the 70-80s era. They lost the epic battle, leaving their fans with the voting results, but this song managed to pave its way to the top songs lists of this year.

Aasman by Aarish

Another Battle of the Band’s masterpiece, Aasman is a captivating contribution to the local music panorama. The band failed to make their mark on the show, but their newly released studio version of the song shows how much the band has progressed with their sound, and is gradually becoming a cult favourite.

Khwaab by Kashmir

Kashmir is here to stay, and this track and its video proves it. Taking a new turn, the band experimented with their sound and explored the lead singer’s vocal range, and this venture managed to be a hit among the masses. Moreover, the video really highlights the painful aspect of the song, making it a memorable track to go down in history.

Din Dhalay by Bayaan

This melodious track is one of Bayaan’s finest, proving why they deserved the top spot in Pepsi’s Battle of the Bands. The soulful melody of this track will sit with you for days, and they lyrics tend to touch the hearts of many.

Toofan by Karakoram

Pakistan does not have a variety of rock music, but Karakoram gives it all in the genre. This track is jampacked with breakdowns for every heavy music fan, and also has melodious bits to please a wide range of audience.

A number of other tracks sat well with the crowd, like Hum Dono by Strings, Meri Dunya by The Sketches, and 12 Bajay by Atif Aslam. However, it is likely that young talent will be endorsed further to save the rocky ship that Pakistani music is on currently, with veteran artists fully supporting it.


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