Filmmaker Jami recently opened up about his harrowing tale of sexual harassment, claiming he got raped by a media giant in the industry about 13 years ago.

The filmmaker took to Twitter to share why he had always been so vocal about the #MeToo movement and lent his support to the survivors. “Why I am so strongly supporting #MeToo? Because, I know exactly how it happens now – inside a room, then outside courts and inside courts,” he started off.

“I was brutally raped by a very powerful person in our media world. A giant, actually. And yes, I am taller than him,” he said. “I froze not sure why, yes it really happens and happened to me. Till this day 13 years have passed, I curse myself why I didn’t take his eyes out but I was so close to this guy, a friend, doing his mega shoots for his mega high-end books and museum launches, etc,” he added.

Check out the whole thread.

After getting into the details of this painful ordeal, Jami refrained from naming the perpetrator. “Till this day I don’t have the courage to come out and name him. It’s super tough. I know my own buddies will laugh and joke or whatever shit we all desis do,” he said, adding how he confided in a few friends which turned it into a joke.

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Despite Jami not naming anyone, people have started decoding his tweets and making assumptions as to who the rapist is. And as per a number of assumptions, fingers are being pointed towards the CEO of Dawn, Hameed Haroon.

Many pointed out how Dawn’s publications removed Jami’s story and then put up a censored version of it.

Many are curious to see how this will turn out.

Needless to say, Jami has always been vocal about his support for sexual abuse survivors and the #MeToo movement, including being an ally to Meesha Shafi. Adding his own experience to the mix has garnered immense support from twitteratis, especially in times when people have been pointing fingers at supporters lately.


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