Ahsan Khan’s talk show is gradually getting notorious for sparking celebrity controversies, as we have another one surrounding Sadaf Kanwal and Mansha Pasha. In a recent episode, Kanwal was asked who she thinks doesn’t belong in the industry, and the model named Pasha.

Check out the clip that went viral today.

The two celebrities have been beefing in the past as well, ever since Kanwal commented women opening up about sexual harassment, and Pasha felt she could’ve worded her sentiments better. Since then, the rising tension has been felt and observed by many.

As for the current situation, Pasha responded to Kanwal’s opinion saying God is the one who decides where one is supposed to be.

Moving on, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak also weighed in on the situation and essentially put out a shut-up call for Kanwal.

“Whenever you come on a TV show which is being watched by masses tu please try leaving your personal grudges and stupidity home. True/Real artists respect other artists,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

And apparently, the general public also thinks Kanwal should think twice before speaking.





A classic case of foot-in-mouth disease, we must say!


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