Fans, celebrities sympathize with Bayaan, Baluch Tiwns over reported injustice


Emerging bands/musicians, Baluch Twins and Bayaan complained of discrimination done by Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) during their second edition, held on November 5 in Dubai.

From their official Instagram account, Baluch Twins uploaded a video from Karachi Airport, lamenting PISA’s injustice at the 11th hour.

“We find it disrespectful, humiliating and an attack on our mental health. This is an act of discrimination. We request you to become our voice and let this world figure out the reality of such people/shows who do nothing but play with emotions, mental health and careers of people like us,” they shared.


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Meanwhile, same fiasco happened with music band Bayaan who recently won Best Music Video and Best Song for Teri Tasveer at Lux Style Awards 2021. They shared the same story while talking with Express Tribune.

“A night before we had to fly out, PISA management informed us that our flight had been cancelled by Emirates. This was a few hours before we had to fly to Karachi for our international flight to Dubai. But we were fine because we knew that flights are being cancelled nationwide. However, when we did our own inquiry, we found out that all the flights were leaving on schedule but our tickets had been refunded by the PISA organisers. All the people who were booked to go for PISA were going; we were in touch with them,” Haider Abbas, the bassist for Bayaan was quoted saying.

While reacting to this video, celebrities joined netizens to sympathize with the emerging singers and asked the PISA’s management to look into this matter.

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