Couple Goals! Pakistani couple spending romantic quarantine in Hunza


A Pakistani couple is setting an example for others to follow as of how to enjoy even in quarantine while having your partner alongside you at a place like Hunza.

Samreen Essa, an Instagram user, has got immense attention from people as she shared how she is spending quality time with her partner at home. She seems determined to spend this quarantine period just like normal even when the whole world is at a standstill due to widely-spread COVID-19.

The story started with her post on Instagram, which is followed by over 60 thousand people, in which she shared how she along with her husband had decided to make their quarantine period exciting and romantic at home.

Now, eight days have been past and the lovebirds are enjoying every bit of their quarantine time.

Meanwhile, the couple enjoyed gardening, foodstuff, photography, and camping in the mountainous region of Hunza where peace prevails.

Samreen and her husband give major couple goals out there to the husbands and wives who are finding it hard to spend time together at home during this lockdown period due to prevailing COVID-19.

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