‘Don’t care what people say, but Pardah is for our betterment’ Nausheen



Nausheen Shah was agreed with what Prime Minister Imran Khan highlighted in his recent statement related to Pardah and the reasons leading to temptation in a society like Pakistan.

While reacting to the recent buzz followed by PM Khan’s statement on women’s clothes, Nausheen put weight on the importance of Pardah and said men and women, both are accountable for their own deeds.

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On reaching out, the actress elaborated more on her Instagram story which was disappeared as per the social site’s certain time period.

“I wrote what I think is real. I mean our society doesn’t allow women to go out wearing short clothes so does our religion. Then what’s wrong in Imran Khan’s statement?” she asked.

“Tell me, can women here go out wearing a bikini? why, because it’s against the norms of our society and religion. See, again I say, it depends on an individual what he/she wants to wear or do, but the fact is Islam tells us to do Pardah, and Pardah is for our safety and betterment,” she asserted.

When Nausheen was asked about people criticizing her narrative on this matter, she said with a laugh ‘I don’t care, leave them. They are not happy in any case.

“What I believe is that nobody is perfect. Everyone tries to improve day by day and there is nothing wrong with that, same as in my case. Actually, our people have a problem, when celebrities do not talk about issues, they say why they are not saying anything, and when we say something, so they start talking about our clothes, appearance, and everything,” she pointed out.

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To a query, Nausheen also shared her two cents on ‘Marriage Act 2021’, recently presented by Jamat-e-Islami in Sindh Assembly, proposing to make a law that makes it mandatory for parents to get their children married at 18.

“I don’t know much details but I have heard about it. See, it’s debatable because marriage should only be done when you feel to do it. At the age of 18, I am not sure because at this age we hardly complete our initial higher education. If you marry your 18-year-olds, it would be difficult for them to settle down with a good life,” she elaborated.

“And if you think it will decrease the rate of sexual crimes, it won’t. Because such crimes are a problem of mindset, it’s better to educate your children and tell them the right path instead of getting them married at a young age, it’s not the solution at all,” she concluded.

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