‘Umar Akmal wasn’t regretful for his act’ PCB


The Chairman of the Independent Disciplinary Panel, Mr. Justice (retired) Fazal-e-Miran Chauhan, revealed that Umar Akmal didn’t cooperate with them during the investigation of his case under Anti-Corruption Code. 

According to a detailed judgment on Akmal’s case, released by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Friday, Akmal’s lack of cooperation left no room for reduction in his three years’ suspension from all formats of the game.

“It appears that he (Umar Akmal) is not prepared to show remorse and seek an apology, make an admission that he failed to fulfill his responsibility under Anti-Corruption Code, Article 2.4.4,” Justice Chauhan stated.

“He tried to take refuge under the pretext that in the past whenever any such approaches were made, the matter was reported by him,” he added.

The panel’s head marked that Akmal admitted that he failed to report approached and an invitation to PCB’s Anti-Corruption department. “It is also admitted by him that he failed to report the approaches and invitation to the PCB Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Department, as required by the PCB Code, Article 2.4.4. In view of the above charge as framed, stood proven and the participant has rendered himself to be punished under Article 6.2 of the PCB Code,” the statement concluded.

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