‘Shahid is daring, should come into politics’ stresses Shehzad Roy


Shehzad Roy believes that cricket Shahid Khan Afridi has all the potential to come into politics and serve his countrymen.

Roy and Afridi appeared together in Time Out With Ahsan Khan on August 14 special. While talking about the problems people face in Pakistan related to health and education, Roy suggested Afridi make a political party with an aim to flourish especially the education sector in the country.

“I have convinced him a lot to join politics and do something for the people. I know he has been doing it for long but a daring man like him with all the potential should come into politics,” he said.

“Two of the biggest problems of Pakistan are Insaf and Education. For Insaf, the party was made, education is left so I asked Afridi to make a political party on education,” Roy added.


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In reply, Afridi bantered Roy while saying, “Why don’t you come into politics”. “You make a party and I’ll join you,” Roy replied.

Interrupting in between the conversation, the host asked Afridi whether he is interested in politics or not. “See, I have no plans for now. But, if I feel the need of getting into it, I will for sure. Because Allah is the best planner and I don’t know what plans he has for me in the future,” the famed cricketer responded.

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