Last night, Mohsin Abbas Haider was accused of cheating and domestic abuse by his wife Fatima Sohail in a detailed social media post. Sohail also attached pictures of her bruised face and hand, and proof of filing an FIR against him. The Meri Guriya actor was heavily condemned all over social media, and celebrities stood in solidarity in his wife’s support.

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The actor just addressed all the claims in a press conference in Lahore, where he denied all that his wife had said in her post. “Whatever she is saying, is a lie. I never touched her,” he said, claiming the bruises are from a drastic fall and not a result of him beating her.

He also reiterated that his wife is playing the ‘woman card’ in order to gain sympathies from the crowd, which she has been receiving all day. The actor revealed how the couple had been having troubles for quite some time now, and had opted for separation. As for divorce, he claimed not wanting to go down that road because of his newborn son. “I would see my son’s face and think ‘okay I’ll stay for his sake,'” he said.

He further mentioned his wish to have a second wife, with which his wife did not cooperate. “I don’t know if it was jealousy, her insecurities or something, but she did not want me to go through with it under any circumstances,” he said. He was also asked about Nazish Jehangir, which he deemed an entirely different matter and that Fatima will have to address these separate allegations as well.

Haider also stated how his wife demanded he puts property in her name, and that her claims of him being with Jehangir when his son was born were all false. He further mentioned how his director was there to prove that he was at a shoot at the time his son was born, as he immediately shared the news with the crew he was working with.

It is imperative to mention that the actor deemed social media as a biased platform, and brought up how there are social experiments in the West where a woman hits a man and nobody bats an eye, whereas when a man hits a woman, everyone tends to react with hostility. He reiterated that him being borne in a female-oriented environment is well aware of how much a woman needs to be respected and that he has been respectful towards women his whole life.

On an ending note, the actor claimed to not have any hard feelings for his wife. “I don’t hold anything against her. She is a troubled woman, and if the only way forward is divorce then be it,” he said. “Every woman who accuses a man with tears in her eyes can’t be telling the truth,” he added, asking his wife to come forward with a medical report of the physical abuse she claimed to have faced recently.


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