‘For me, feminism is to respect my husband’ Sadaf Kanwal


Sadaf Kanwal believes that feminism is liberalism as feminists are basically liberals and their quantity has increased a lot in our society.

Sadaf and her husband Shahroz Sabzwari appeared in ARY News’ show Hamary Mehman. While talking about feminism in the show, Sadaf said feminism for her is all about respecting his husband, taking care of him as per Pakistani culture.

“According to our culture, women are supposed to take care of their husbands. And, nothing is bad in that as I grew up seeing this. A wife should know everything about her husband and do his work,” she said.

“I believe feminists are mostly liberals and they have increased in numbers. But, for me, it is all about respecting my husband and taking good care of him,” the model added.

Sadaf and Shahroz have often remained in the headlines since they got married. Shahroz married Sadaf after his separation from Syra Yousuf whom with he has a daughter Nooreh.

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