Feroze Khan hits back at Ali Gul Pir’s banter


Feroze Khan’s picture while smoking created a lot of buzz on social media following his fans dropping mixed reactions on it.

Ali Gul Pir also joined the comments section and jabbed Feroze on his photo. But, a reply from the actor might have given him a little surprise. “Anything can kill you, also nothing can? Cigarette is filled with some good stuff, just joking,” Ali wrote.

In reply, Feroze got a little harsher and said “My brother. Here, you have my attention. Cmon, make a fool out of yourself for me, just serious.”

Earlier on the same picture, Feroze schooled a fan who judged him for smoking. A fan named Omamah Iftikhar commented on his picture; “Smoking kills! And we, your fans, definitely don’t want that to happen. May Allah bless you and your family a long life. But, just a reminder.”

Khaani actor hit back at the comment and wrote: “Ameen! I’m non smoker. And I don’t judge those who smoke. Horse riding also kills. Just anything can kill. And also nothing can.”

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