Hadia Hashmi meets Sonu Nigam via video link


Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam made a special place in the hearts of fifth-grader Hadia Hashmi, Soch Band, and makers of ‘Bol Hu’ after sharing his emotions while listening to their Sufiana Kalam in a Facebook VLog.

A blissful last week for ‘Bol Hu’ team as they engaged with Nigam, firstly with Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi getting a reply back from the Indian singer on a thanks-giving video message and later on Hadia joined Nigam via video link.

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Kainaat mein la-mehdood imkaanaat hain.. @sonunigamofficial jee.. it took me quite a few days to conjur a reply up to your heartwarming post for me and my team.. but as the universe would have it, aaj se behter din naheen ho sakta. Happy Indepdence Day to you. Aap ne jo kaha.. apni video mein aur iss post mein.. your choice of words… they are enough for an artist to feel inspired for years.. mujhe waqaye laga jese aap ko saari mehnet apne saamne hotay hoye nazar aaye hai.. thought and idea se le kr creation tuk aur phir performance se le ke mixing tuk.. Sach maanein jub aap ne @adnandhool Aur @hadia_hashmi_official ka naam liya, tau yehi samjhain ke mera naam hee liya hai.. Mein bhee yehi samjha hoon. Koye bhee industry naye aur mehanti, persistent aur apne talent ko talaash karnay walay logon se bantee hai. Mera maqsad aisay logon ko dhoond kar unko unki manzil dhoondne mein help karna hai .. I live for music Sonu jee. Aur aap se ye alfaaz sun kar mazeed khushi ho rahi hai ke mera maqsad sahi hai aur kainaat mein waqaye la-mehdood imkaanaat hain. Shukriya.

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Taking to Instagram, Hadia revealed that her dream came true after Nigam joined him for a live session via video link.

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She shared screenshots of the meeting and wrote: “We had the pleasure to have a Live Session with sir Sonu Nigam. And believe me, it was like a dream come true. It was great talking to you sir, thank you for your precious time. We really enjoyed it!”


It must be noted here that teary-eyed Nigam expressed his feelings after listening to soulful ‘Bol Hu’, sung by Hadia Hashmi and Soch Band.

“It’s been a while since anything has touched my soul like this, What a song, what lyrics, what composition! Wah! Soch band, kya Soch hai!” he was quoted saying.


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