Jazz Super4G holds supremacy across the country


Jazz Super4G undisputedly leads the charts of strong data networks across the country with the largest number of customers, the largest number of data subscribers and 4 consecutive Ookla Speed test Awards for Pakistan’s fastest data.

The ‘Super’ is contextualized as being the superior 4G network in the face of its competitors. Following the strength of 63+ Million subscribers, Jazz is recognized as the No.1 Network of Pakistan

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To dominate and take a leadership position as the first network to be loved by its customers, while subtly leveraging its data credentials, Jazz celebrated its leadership claim with an impactful commercial starring Turkish actress Esra Bilgiç aka Halima of Erutugrul.

The commercial focuses on the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ in order to make one very simple point: being a market leader is not just a numbers game.

The campaign started with Esra’s tweet “I’ve found my no. 1 in Pakistan” which took social media by storm. People started guessing what Esra was talking about and mostly thought she has found her love in Pakistan.

Later on, the Turkish actress revealed her tweet was about Jazz. Esra also wished Pakistanis ‘Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak’ during this campaign donning eastern attire.

Given the legacy of Jazz’s superiority in all facets of data, the commercial aims to bring the best of every individual by providing them supremacy with the best network.
Difference between being just good and being great! Jazz Super 4G is the epitome of great, differentiating itself from those who follow and associating itself as the leaders who pave the way for others to follow.

From remotely flown drones to futuristic VR gaming, the commercial lays out the difference between regular 4G and Super4G by showcasing data usage like it has never been seen before in an ad from the same category. Jazz Super 4G isn’t just a term. It is backed by strong reasons which prove that Jazz Super 4G is truly Super – nothing matches it.


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