If you’ve been keeping up with any kind of entertainment news, you’d know how big of a part of it Hania Aamir always is. She recently got to talk about it in an interview with Something Haute, where she recalled all the times she got told off for being herself on social media.

The actress has always been very active on social media, especially Instagram, updating her followers with her day-to-day activities and thoughts. “The time that I came in, I don’t think anyone was using Instagram that much. It was just me going crazy on Instagram, putting up all sorts of things. You can say that you should’ve known better, I’ve understood that after several hits. I never realised that I was popular till I was trending on Twitter for something that I didn’t even remember. Then you realise how much people are looking at you,” she shared.

She also added how she learned the hard way the adverse effects of putting everything online, and how she wasn’t offered the same leeway other youngsters her age have. “You put everything out there like a normal teenager would. If I have a breakup, in my university, me not being a celebrity and if I now have a break up, it’s literally the same thing but just because I’m a celebrity, I don’t get to live my 21-year-old life,” she said.

“I’m not saying that whatever we do can be dismissed with a hall pass, it’s not like that. But for young actors, there should be some leeway, a margin. If you’re such an empath, you should think with empathy: how would they know any better? Look at how old they are,” she added.

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Now that she has dealt with the consequences, Aamir feels she can no longer be herself online. “I have understood now but at what expense? Being less of myself in front of people. It gives you trauma when people are telling you to stop at such a young age. You’re so impressionable and when thousands of people — and sometimes millions of people — are saying ‘wrong, wrong, wrong’ you start thinking there’s something wrong with you,” she said.

The actress feels her own experiences have now made her empathetic towards other young actors. “I’m very empathetic towards new actors and I always try to keep them close [and say] ‘I’ll tell you I’ve been through this, don’t do this, don’t do that’ because it’s not their fault, they’ve gotten no formal training in this. There are no mentors,” she said.

As a concluding point, she also added how she mainly wants to focus on her craft now. “When all of this happened, I was like it is my responsibility to move away from it. Concentrate on just myself, not even just work. I want to be known for the craft that I put out there,” she said.

Do you enjoy Hania Aamir’s presence on social media? How do you think her content has changed? Share your thoughts with us, and watch her full interview below.


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