A cricket fan from India has written a comparison between Indian Premiere League (IPL) and Pakistan Super League (PSL) and told why and how PSL is better than IPL. Below are the words written by Anas Khan on his Facebook.

I’ve spend 4-5 years on social media(Facebook + Twitter) of IPL and 2 years of PSL. There might be 1000 reasons why IPL > PSL but mentioning some of the points that makes PSL > IPL.

1 – Logos :

I absolutely loved the logos used by all the teams in PSL. They are much more cool and charismatic compared to IPL team logos. I remember some franchise in PSL last year hosted an online competition to make logos and one of them got selected(reckon it was Quetta). Also some of the logos have touch to their culture which is a good initiative.

Pakistan Super League PSL team logos

2 – Teams Name :

Peshawar and Lahore have adjectives used as Zalmi and Qalandar respectively giving the flavour of their city’s culture or something related to their land. Whereas in IPL you see mostly teams using coming adjectives like Knight-riders, Daredevils, Kings, Royals etc.

3 Fans/City Banter :

PSL’s city and fan banter is probably the best source of entertainment I’ve seen on social media. There’s no banter as such in IPL. You won’t see a Mumbaikar mocking a Delhite that we have sea and you don’t. Or a Delhite mocking Mumbaikar saying our food culture is better than yours. Contrary to that the PSL banter between a Karachite and a Lahori is something to look after.

“Doob marne k liye samandar hi kaam aaega karachi walo”
“We generate 70% of Pak revenue”
“Karachi’s biryani is real biryani”
“Final tou Lahore mai dekhne aana hoga”
“Faayda kya itna late match rakhne ka jab Isb wale tou 9 baje hi sou jate hai” etc

P.S : some people over do it but banter in limit is too good a source of entertainment when it comes to Khi vs Lhr.

4 – Memes :

This is where PSL goes far ahead of any other leagues. Loved the way Pakistani’s make meme out of almost every small incident or event during a PSL match. IPL doesn’t have a strong memes game.

PSL memes

E.g. : > Meme on expressions of Salman Iqbal or Fawad Rana > Meme on franchises brand ambassador like the one on Momina or Mehwish Hayat > The meme on Najiba Faiz carrying a bugs bunny was related to Kamran Akmal > The reporting of Amin Hafeez on PSL final tickets All the above points were based on what provided me as a source of entertainment, what made me laugh, whereas there were things like quality cricket on display, nail biting finishes, coaches showing their enthusiasm in the dug out, some brilliant form of celebration(Elliot’s bat drop, Rumman’s silence, Sammy’s team selfie) etc.

This was based on my assessment. Some might be right, some might be wrong, but I’ve an opinion of my own and it was one. As a lover of cricket, I wish PSL brings many profits to Pak in terms of financial aspect and helping their cricket grow with some youngsters making a name for themselves in the national team in future and I pray the final in Lahore takes place peacefully and hopefully some positives about cricket returning to Pak.

Yours sincerely, Anas.


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