‘Oppression of women in Pakistan is getting out of hand’ Mira


Actress and model Mira Sethi thinks that injustice against women is getting out of hand in Pakistan by the time.

Mira, in an interview with local publication following the promotion of her book ‘Are You Enjoying?’, said that it is important to understand that equality among men and women can bring success in society.

“I believe equal rights are the symbol of every successful society. The oppression of women in Pakistan is getting out of hand,” she said.

“An anti-violence against women bill wasn’t passed. Why wasn’t it passed? Because of the government. It should have been passed. These are things that our government should take seriously, and since it fails to do so, individuals in society have to raise their voices, especially females. We have a very long way to go,” the actress added.

Mira also addressed the controversy which blows up after every awards show related to female actors’ clothes.

“After Lux Awards Show, I was on my friend and colleague Ushna Shah’s Instagram page, and she was wearing a top and jeans. A man had commented underneath her picture saying, ‘Ab mein ne apni mardaangi ke haathoun majboor ho kar kuch keh diya ya kar diya phir aap bolein gi [If I say or do something compelled by my masculinity, then you will complain].’ This concept of being ‘compelled by masculinity’, what is this? Is your definition of masculinity so limited that your honour and masculinity start and end at a woman’s outfit?” she raised concerns.

“In this country, an independent woman and a tolerant man can coexist. People have restricted this definition of masculinity to the point that if you see something in a woman’s outfit that you don’t approve of, then your masculinity is under threat,” she concluded.

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