‘Karachi gave my talent a platform to flourish’ Nabeel Zafar


Nabeel Zafar, well-known for his character Nabeel in ARY Digital’s sitcom Bulbulay, believes that Karachi has given his talent a go ahead.

While talking in Time Out With Ahsan Khan, Nabeel explained his opinion regarding Lahore and Karachi.

“Lahore, with its artistic culture, was fulfilling for my soul but here (Karachi) is where the food for my physical survival is. Here (Karachi) is where my talent gets a platform to flourish,” he said.

Donning a poetic stance on his experience of living in both Karachi and Lahore, Nabeel said, “Kitaab -umar ka ek aur baab khatm hua, yeh shabab khatm hua ek azaab khatm hua.

To a query about facing the dark gossip side of the industry, Nabeel explained it in his typical poetic tone. “Silvatein hain mere chehre pe toh hairat kyun hai,” he said.

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