‘Laws for Children, Women abuse aren’t easy to implement’ Mazari


Federal Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari said Prime Minister Imran Khan-led government is making overnight efforts to bring laws to protect children, women, and transgenders from physical abuse.

Speaking at a presser on Thursday, the Federal Minister said it will take time to implement laws for children, women, and transgenders’ abuse. “Our government has been working to protect children, women, and also transgenders from physical abuse. Our focus is to make a compact law to finish physical abuse in our country,” she said.

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“Law for Child abuse, a program for awareness of women’s inheritance, a law that has been proposed for the welfare of transgenders and improvement of the juvenile justice system, the work is in progress but the implementation of such laws and policies aren’t as easy as one would think,” she added.

It must be noted here that recently the country emerged to protest against children, women rape. Renowned celebrities also joined protests across the country and urged the government to make a law to punish rapists. Meanwhile, the transgender community also came out to protest against the killings of their companions.

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