‘Never sold rights of my song’ Hadiqa decides to take legal against Indian company


Hadiqa Kiani has decided to take legal action against Saregama India for remaking one of her popular songs, Boohey Baria without taking rights.

Taking to Instagram, Kiani replied to Diet Sabya’s (mystery digital creator from India) regarding this issue.

“No, they [Saregama India] don’t [own the rights]. I have never sold rights to this song or any song on my Roshni album. Many companies have illegally claimed my songs since in the 90s, it was an easy thing to do. But we are taking appropriate legal action to get justice, not just for my songs, but for the thousands of songs by Pakistani artists stolen during this time,” the singer wrote as per Express Tribune.

“My mother wrote the poetry. Anyone claiming they own my masters or rights is saying so illegally and my team is taking action. We have copyright documents dated from before Roshni came out, registered with full rights and ownership. No company or entity was ever given those masters and no company has any documents with my signature on it giving rights. I have stayed quiet for long enough,

“I stayed quiet all this time because I kept forcing myself to find the flattery, it’s not flattering though. It’s unethical and illegal. I hope to speak more about this soon but working with my team right now,” she added.

Saregama India released rendition of Boohey Barian titled Buhe Bariyan sung by Kanika Kapoor on April 28.

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