The relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan may be intense on the cricket field, but fans of both teams are taking it to the next level. In light of the recent match, a huge clash was witnessed outside the stadium where Afghan fans got into a brawl with Pakistanis. Many of them attacked security officials and media personnel as well.

While Afghans showed illicit behaviour in Leeds, a lot of Pakistanis took to social media to verbally attack the competing team. Soon enough, the term #PakistanVsNamakHarams became the top trend on Twitter.

In fact, cricketer Shoaib Akhtar jumped the bandwagon with a video in which he belittled Afghans, but many Pakistanis called him out on it.

And amidst all the hate, a lot of Pakistanis remained on the sensible side and called their fellow countrymen out on their blatant racism against Afghans.

We’re at the point where we really need to remind Pakistanis to keep geopolitics away from the world of sports, and not resort to imbecilic and derogatory behaviour towards other competitors. Simultaneously, Afghans need to be condemned on exhibiting violent behaviour towards Pakistanis merely over a match of cricket.


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