Being a race car driver is no easy task. It takes a powerful athlete to attain great heights, and not to mention the physical demands of being in motorsports are on another level. Yet one of the finest sportsmen in the game today, Enaam Ahmed, continues to prove that Pakistanis are more than what meets the eye. In his ‘Road to Indy’ journey, Ahmed made his unwavering determination known on the Road America race track as he sped his way to the podium, finishing in 3rd place. With the hopes of inspiring others with his dedication, he holds his position in being the new torch bearer for a positive global image of Pakistan. Enaam Ahmed is the racer who has exceeded limits and proven that if Pakistanis set their minds to something, they’ll surely reach the heights they aspire towards.

In the opening race of the weekend on Saturday, Enaam started from the front row. The race car driver who has previously won in Europe, Japan, and New Zealand, was focused on winning his first race on the American landscape. Enaam went above and beyond on the race track once again in the state of Wisconsin, taking on the long, winding, and a fast-flowing track called Road America at Elkhart Lake. Already putting his best foot forward in every single race, he made his way to the podium, finishing 3rd the glorious race was truly a magnificent spectacle to behold and we couldn’t be more proud of the dynamic driver in action!

For the second race on Sunday, a minor mishap took place as a mechanic put the tape on the wrong side of the radiator which resulted in Enaam being relegated to the rear of the grid. Although Enaam started last, he didn’t hesitate to put on one of his best performances this season, finishing fourth at the end of the 15-lap race. Furthermore, his impressive comeback drive, which included a memorable double-overtake when he dispatched Reece Gold and Josh Green on consecutive corners, earned Enaam the Tilton Hard Charger Award.

“I am really happy with this weekend. In Race 1, I finished on the podium in 3rd and I scored the most points of any one of my championship rivals. In Race 2, I started dead last, but I never gave up. I wanted to prove to the world what a Pakistani can do. I fought my way from 17th to 4th and overtook all my championship rivals in the process. One of the hardest and best races I have ever done,” stated Enaam while reflecting on this weekend’s races.

“My goal is to fight for the championship. This weekend I bagged 41 points, more than any other driver,” proclaimed the dedicated driver.

Enaam is making the most of his Indy Pro 2000 journey and his efforts reflect how motivated he really is to put Pakistan on the map. From beating track records despite suffering from food poisoning to attaining front row for the Freedom 90 race, and most recently bagging 3rd place on the podium, there is no stopping this diligent driver who is changing Pakistan’s image one race at a time! His next race at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course is on July 1-3 and we will be sure to tune in!


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