During the promotions of his upcoming film Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad, Fahad Mustafa made an interesting revelation about his daughter and her love for Korean pop music. In a recent interview with Fuchsia, the actor shared how his daughter was a fan of the popular k-pop group BTS, and how that is something he does not appreciate. His statement did not sit well with the netizens, especially BTS fans, also known as the BTS Army.

Speaking to the interviewer, the actor shared how his daughter doesn’t care much about his work because she’s a BTS fan now. And how he doesn’t really know much about them, and doesn’t care to know.

“I called them Behind The Scenes band and she responded with ‘no papa!’ It’s… I don’t know Bangtan So tol something, I don’t know,” he said.

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He also expressed disappointment over how she chose to learn Korean over Sindhi. “She speaks Korean, she doesn’t speak Sindhi, what is wrong with these people?” he said.

Once this interview aired, Mustafa’s opinion was met with major backlash, mainly from fans of the band, who also resorted to making memes about the situation.

While some fans expressed their anger in an insulting manner.

A lot of people also pointed out how the actor needs to first look into the popularity of the Korean entertainment industry and their content and reflect upon his opinion.

On the other hand, some fans spoke up in support of the actor, saying he didn’t say anything that deserves such criticism.

They also expressed how BTS fans are blowing things out of proportion.

What do you feel about Mustafa’s statement? Was he right in his own way or did he go too far in order to disappoint the BTS Army?


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