While the entertainment industry has been giving us some memorable projects lately, we’ve been in dire need of a banger when it comes to music. And it looks like Sajjad Ali has given us what we’ve been missing in the form of a beautiful ballad named Baarish.

The first listen of the track alone will make you reminisce over nostalgic times, with monsoon as one of your companions. And with Valentine’s spirit taking over all of us, this track feels like the missing ingredient needed to set the mood, as Ali soulfully sings about missing a loved one.

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Not only is this sentimental song a breath of fresh air in the world of uber-pop hits, the accompanying video also has all kinds of surprises rolled into a visual experience. First off, we see Ali’s own son playing the role of what seems like a younger version of the singer himself. The young couple’s montage fits perfectly with the mood the song aims to set as a whole.

Moreover, it also stars veteran actress Reema Khan, looking as graceful as ever paired with Ali. But we might just add a trigger warning here, the track might make you remember some of your worst heartbreaks as you take a trip down the memory lane. Nevertheless, it deserves a spot on your playlist and truly stands as a Sajjad Ali gem!

Check out the video and you won’t be disappointed.


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