In a recent appearance on the morning show Subh Ka Samaa, veteran actor Jawed Sheikh opened up about a deeply personal aspect of his life – his separation from his wife, Zeenat Mangi. The interview shed light on his emotions, regrets, and the strength his children displayed while navigating the challenges of growing up in a broken family.

Recalling the past, Jawed shared his feelings of remorse over the unfortunate separation from his wife, Zeenat. He expressed that the separation was not something he had desired, and it had a significant impact on their children, Shehzad and Momal.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t want separation from my wife and our kids, Shehzad and Momal, suffered a lot because of it. However, even in a broken family, the way they kept themselves strong was a big thing and this was just because of their mom,” he said.

A poignant aspect of the family’s journey was the effort made by Zeenat to ensure family bonding even in the face of separation. Jawed revealed that their home became a hub where not only his own children but also the kids of his peers like Saleem Sheikh and Behroz Sabzwari would gather. Zeenat took the initiative to organize family days for the children to spend quality time with their fathers. Jawed applauded her for fostering a sense of unity and connection in a situation that could have otherwise led to estrangement.

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Amidst the conversation, Javed openly expressed his deepest regret – the dissolution of his marriage. He spoke somberly about his remorse for what had transpired, stating unequivocally that the divorce should never have happened. He candidly admitted that the separation had resulted in his children being physically apart from him for a period of three years, during which he was married to Salma Agha.

“My divorce is my biggest guilt. It should have not happened, and I wish it didn’t happen,” he shared. However, Jawed’s reflection served as a reminder that even in the face of unfortunate circumstances, the strength of familial bonds and the lessons learned from them can shape lives in profound ways.



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