Quratulain Balouch, known for her soulful vocals in Wo Humsafar Tha, recently made an appearance on Tabish Hashmi’s show Hasna Mana Hai. During the conversation, the singer was asked how she feels being compared to the legendary Abida Parveen who did her own rendition of the same hit track before Balouch did, and she had an interesting response.

“People often have the tendency to compare a famous person with another famous person from the past. Similarly, you have been compared to Abida Parveen because she sang Wo Humsafar Tha before you did. So people compare the two of you. Do you like it?” said Hashmi.

Balouch responded in the negative, focusing on how every individual is different. “I don’t like it. Yes, Abida Ji has a certain caliber. And I’m just striving to be better. And she is so experienced. She’s on another level altogether. But every individual is different. Everyone has their own specialty so when people compare two individuals, you take away that individuality and the autonomy of the person. That’s why I don’t like it,” she said.

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Moving on, she was also asked her thoughts about the norm of respecting people once they’re gone forever and how people say there will be no one like them. “We often see that whenever a famous singer or a famous artist passes away, then people often say that there will be no other person like them ever again. Do you agree with that? What do you think?” said the host.

The actress once again brought the point of individuality forward and gave the example of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and how people can try if they have the determination and it’s good to try, but at times you fail to come close to such legacies. She also shared the examples of well-known painters and how people realised their worth and the importance of their work once they had passed away and how this norm continues.

Watch the full interview below.


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