“Trying to become a man is not feminism,” Iman Aly


Actor-cum-model Iman Ali’s comments on ‘Feminism’ has taken the internet by storm and people are sharing their views on it.

A clip from Iman’s old interview with Iffat Omar went viral on social media in which she was sharing her views on Feminism. “First, I think we should understand what feminism is,” Iman responded to a question.

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“Feminism, to me, is to celebrate being a woman. Women trying to portray or become like men cannot be feminism because then you are negating your whole celebrating your womanhood. So, trying to become a man is not feminism,” she added.

The actress also advocated for paying female artists on the basis of their work. “If you are as good as your male actor at your job, you deserve to be paid as much as your male actor,” she said.

Her comments related to feminism and women equality got mixed reactions on Twitter. Some people think she was wrong with her concept of feminism.

Whereas, a lot of people appreciated Iman for speaking the real meaning of feminism.

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