For the last few days, it has been seen that some Pakistani showbiz celebrities are posting strange things on their Facebook with almost similar message. Another interesting thing which we have noticed is that all of them are doing this by using same hashtag, i.e #SwitchedOff. They are writing about giving up on things which they have been enjoying for a long time and we are wondering why they are doing this.

For example, those who know Feroze Khan know that the actor worked really hard in gym to transform his body. But, he left us in shocked when he wrote “I no longer have the energy to go to the gym. This is it! #SwitchedOff.” Similarly, Punjab Nahi Jaungi lead girl Mehwish Hayat posted “I’m done with my morning jog routine! Have had enough! #SwitchedOff.”

The famous RJ Khalid Malik posted, “The whole week feels like a Monday, in need for dire energy. I feel like I am #SwitchedOff”. Next to join was fashion model Mehreen Syed, who is one of the most active celebrities on social media but leaving us in shock, she wrote, “So done with my phone! Time to switch it off! #SwitchedOff.”

Our favorite Yalghaar star Ayesha Omar also posted “I’m officially done with this unbearable summer heat! Can’t take this anymore! #SwitchedOff”. In addition to all the previous, the VJ turned actor Hina Altaf also posted a status saying “No more interviews people! Adios! #SwitchedOff” and Minal Khan posted: “Hibernation time. Going to switch off from the world for some time! #SwitchedOff”.


The fans of all the mentioned celebrities also got extremely curious on what was going on and hence commented on these statuses asking the stars about their reason for switching off from the mentioned activity.

Last thing, which we have observed in all posts, is that all these celebrities are feeling down. It seems that they lack energy and therefore, giving up on things.

Now, since we are done with our observations, let us guess what it could be about. We think, for obvious reason, it is some upcoming campaign which might be on boosting your energy levels. Therefore, the first brand which comes in our mind is Sting as it is always talking about energy and mental uplift. But, it’s just a guess and we might be wrong about it. What do you think? Tell us in comments below


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