Aagha Ali and Hina Altaf are one of the most loved couples in the industry, and it’s no surprise fans want to see them share the screen quite often. Once again, in a recent Instagram post, a fan asked Ali when they’d be able to see the couple together onscreen again as they were being sorely missed, to which the actor had a very honest reply.

The actor expressed his disdain towards the content they’re both being offered these days, which doesn’t go beyond showing couples fighting, bickering, or engaging in straight-up violence. “All the scripts we get are about a couple fighting, maar peet, or having supreme domestic issues. This is why we only prefer doing telefilms together,” he wrote.


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Both husband and wife are seen prioritising telefilms instead of drama serials lately. In 2022, Ali was a part of two telefilms, Love Life Ka Law and Bhagam Bhag, while Altaf starred in three, namely Pyar Ko Pyar Nahi Mila, Aunty Allergy, and Tara Ka Sajan. A major reason behind this, as the actor stated, could be how the subject matter of telefilms is usually lighthearted, while drama serials tend to infuse a lot of unnecessary tropes.

This isn’t the first time an actor has expressed disappointment over the scripts they’re being offered. Urwa Hocane recently talked about the level of scripts she gets offered and how problematic they are, to the point where she is forced to choose the least offensive one.

Many viewers have also been of the view that such content promotes harmful ideologies which our impressionable audience can easily adopt. Similarly, content with excessive violence and misogynistic tropes ends up normalising it, and many also pointed out how actors who take up on such roles have a huge role in perpetuating such behaviour. Recent case of point, Feroze Khan, was repeatedly talked about when his ex-wife accused him of domestic abuse and infidelity in an Instagram post.

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