Zahid Ahmed discloses terrific nose job experience


Zahid Ahmed revealed horrific nose job experience which later turned out to be immensely painful for the 35-years-old actor.

Speaking on his Youtube channel, Ahmed revealed that he had nose surgery to fix the damage caused by Rhinoplasty.

“Today, I am going to tell you that I went through a nose job, a terrible experience of my life ever. It was just to remove complexity as I felt my left side of the nose was different from the right,” he said.

Ahmed said that once the nose job was done and he posted his picture on social media, people started asking him ‘what happened to his face?’. “My nose is still nowhere near the original but thanks to Allah that there were no hurdles in my work and in my career,” said Ahmed.

He urged people to not go behind body modification as it leads to disastrous results. “The reason behind making this video is to guide people, don’t go behind such things as ‘Allah made you perfect'” he concluded.

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