‘Marriage is just a part of life, not the goal’ Kinza Hashmi


Kinza Hashmi believes that one should get married only when he/she thinks the right time has arrived to have a partner in life.

Speaking in Mazedaar Show on Tv One, Kinza said marriage is just a part of life and people should not force anyone to do it. “I think marriage should not be the goal of anyone’s life. It is just a part of our life and when you think it’s the right time to do it, do it,” she said. 

Kinza said she likes being single as it allows a lot of freedom. “I like being single because I think you get freedom. It’s all about time, when the right time arrives and you feel to have a partner, you go for it,” she concluded.

Earlier, many actors including Nausheen Shah has been vocal about societal pressure for women to get married. “This happens only in this f****** country if you are not married your mother will remind you every day. Shaadi kerlo shaadi kerlo. Nahi kerne shaadi bhai maaf kerdo, jaan chordo [Get married, get married. I don’t want to get married, leave me alone],” she had written on Instagram.

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