Although Superstar’s songs have created a nationwide frenzy, one common factor is that they all have focused on Mahira Khan until now. Not that we’re complaining, but we were itching to find out what Bilal Ashraf had to offer and all about his epic transformation we’ve been hearing about for quite some time now. And rest assured, the film delivers exactly that and more in its latest track, Dharak Bharak.

If you’re looking forward to a video where you want Ashraf flaunting his abs of steel, you’re in for a treat. It isn’t every day we see local actors stepping out of their comfort zones and baring it all on the screen and look good while doing so, but Ashraf seems to nail it right on the spot. Word has it, the actor trained for this particular song for about a year, and it actually shows. Amidst all the energetic dance moves and the overload of confetti, it’s his six-pack that grabs all the attention.

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In fact, the song has more than just Ashraf giving his best out on the streets. He’s accompanied by Kubra Khan who adds her own charm to the lively video, and together they present a dynamic duo adding life to the already vibrant song. Choreographed by Nigah Jee, the video’s art direction needs to commendable, and might just be on par with that of Noori’s.

Composed by Azaan Sami Khan, sung by Shiraz Uppal and Raktima Mukherjee, Dharak Bharak proves that the Superstar soundtrack has something for everyone. If you haven’t seen the video yet, now is definitely the time to feast your eyes and mind! Who knows, you might just develop a major crush on Ashraf now, if you haven’t already.


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