Apart from his contributions to the music industry of Pakistan, Shafqat Amanat Ali has bestowed yet another gem for everyone to enjoy. This time around, his son Sadaat Shafqat Amanat has stepped into the spotlight, and is captivating hearts with his debut pop number.

Interestingly, the young singer has received proper classical training, and is being introduced through a show called Room Files, which revolves around unearthing up-and-coming talent. His debut track Tu is enough proof that he has it in him to indulge in various genres, instead of sticking to his forte.

The music of the track gives off experimental vibes, while giving the singer’s voice enough room to express himself fully through a catchy chorus and clean lyrics. Listening to it once will easily give it a spot in one of the best dream pop songs of today. Moreover, the aesthetically pleasing video fits the placid mood of the song, while ensuring enough star presence for the singer.

With a debut as strong as such, one can only expect bigger and better things from this musical prodigy.


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