Cameos in music videos are all the rage right now, and that’s exactly what Shany Haider aims to present with his new single. Featuring Sonya Hussyn in alluring avatar, the song Kahaniyaan is like music to the ears for every fan of soulful melodies.

Interestingly, the video features a unique dance performance by Hussyn, which also happens to be the first contemporary ballet dance shown on-screen in the country. Clad in a number of different ensembles, the actress is seen breaking into various ballet and contemporary dance moves against the backdrop of an enchanting ballroom.

Somewhere along the way, she is also joined by Raeed M. Alam, and the two are seen engrossed in the dance against Haider’s vocals. By the end of the video, she is seen looking for the now-lost partner, while continuing to dance solo.

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Moreover, the lyrics aptly fit the serene mood of the song, primarily revolving around inexpressible feelings of a lover. Listening to it a couple of times will have you humming along to the chorus soon enough, which fully depicts Shany’s skillset as a pop musician.

Directed by Haris Qadeer and choreographed by Gohar Hayat, Kahaniyaan marks Hussyn’s first music video appearance of the year. She previously had a cameo in the music video for Jawad Ahmed’s ‘Ye Tera Na Mera.’ The song also happens to be the first single off of Haider’s upcoming album, and is a dramatic change from his anthem for Karachi Kings.


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