In a recent appearance on Momin Saqib’s talk show Had Kardi, Mahnoor Baloch delved deep into reflections on her long-spanning career as an actress. When a member of the audience asked the reasons why she feels the need to reject a script or a project, the actress had a lot to say.

Sometimes it’s because I just don’t like it. Or I feel like it lacks substance. I don’t find it enjoyable. There are a lot of scripts that I have done but when I looked back at it, I really regretted my decision, thinking ‘Why did I do this?’ So then after that I think long and hard about whether I like something or if I like the story, like we were just talking about relaying a message through the scripts that I choose to be a part of. If there is any such script then [it’s fine],” she shared.

Continuing the conversation, she was asked what kind of roles she wished she would have done. “Many times. I want to play villainous characters. Like Godmother or Phoolan Devi,” she shared.

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The host also brought up a recent incident where actress Bushra Ansari shared her opinions on the actress, stating how she’s beautiful but falls short when it comes to acting. Mahnoor had a graceful response to that.

“I saw the clip. She did say that I can’t act. And it’s okay. It’s her opinion. I mean maybe, according to her, she thinks that acting and actors should be very versatile. That you can also do comedy and if you are portrayed as a poor girl, you are able to pull it off well enough. And she’s absolutely right. Maybe she hasn’t seen me playing such roles but it’s not my fault,” she said.

She also went on to share the reasoning behind why she does not get a lot of diverse offers. “Because many directors used to speak to me and narrate stories and I used to tell them that I love the script and they would say to me “You don’t look poor so we can’t take you in this.” So it was not my fault that I didn’t get the chance to do a lot of characters. I was stereotyped into doing the same, monotonous roles. So maybe that’s what she’s thinking about. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t articulate that properly. But it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that,” she added.

Watch the whole interview below.


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