The Coke Fest proved to be the biggest food and music festival in 2017 in Lahore. It didn’t halt there and traveled to Islamabad, Faisalabad and Multan. With the footfall of thousands of food and music lovers Coke Fest made its way again to Lahore for yet another amazing and successful food and music festival.

Now, it’s time to make the people of Karachi to catch the beat of the music with their favourite food. The event has already begun on 9th March and will end on 11th March at the Beach View Park, Clifton. The event is expanded on a full day starting at 12 noon till 10:00 pm. The tickets for the event are available online and also at the gate of the venue, costing Rs. 400 per person.

Coke Fest brings all your favourite eateries from all around the city and your favourite music bands, once again proving to be the biggest Food and Music festival.

Following eateries will be there at the Coke Fest Karachi 2018 to curb your hunger:

  • Graffodie
  • Fry Guys
  • Glacier Spoon
  • Eat Samosas
  • Figaro Grill
  • Fit Bite
  • Dessertland
  • Del Frio
  • The Crave Bar
  • Coco 9
  • Cold Stone
  • Chick-o-Cheese
  • Bonsai Pan Asian Kitchen
  • Bella Vita
  • Pan Asia
  • Two Guys One Grill
  • Wrappite
  • Venus Foods
  • Potadose
  • PopBar
  • Mocca
  • Pekhawar
  • Kurtos
  • Laj Pal Food Corner
  • Khausa Khau
  • Hey Day
  • Ice Pop
  • Straight Out A K Town
  • Grab Your Meal
  • Dip Shop
  • Chop Wok
  • K-Town Burger
  • Potato Factory
  • ZA Kabab Center
  • Frasta
  • Berlin Doner & Gyro


9th March, Friday:

  • Jabar Abbas
  • Asim Azhar

10th March, Saturday:

  • Quadrum
  • Vahaj Hanif
  • Rechal Viccaji
  • Sahir Ali Bagga
  • Strings

11th March:

  • Quadrum
  • Zoe Viccaji
  • Nabeel Shaukat
  • Ali Sethi

If you are a foodie and a music lover, coke fest is the right event for you. Head over to Beach View Park, Clifton now for a fun-filled weekend.



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