While Pakistan is going to elect its new government for next five years, some from showbiz industry won’t be in the country to cast their vote. While many of the celebrities, athletes, and media personalities are impatiently waiting for the verdict, some of them have flown away for their personal interests and upcoming Hum Awards, which are going to be held in Toronto this year.

It is indeed something which should be condemned and celebrities like Farhan Saeed are there to do the job.

While most famous individuals remain opinionated – maintaining a strategic distance from the danger of estranging fans who may not concur with their political perspectives – others hold on to it if and when required. That need would be most basic around election time, and however a large number of stars have remained silent; one needs to value the endeavors of the individuals who are crusading for the fair procedure.

Farhan Saeed, a Pakistani vocalist, lyricist and performing artist, has gotten out his companions for voyaging just before the elections and hence not practicing their voting rights in his tweet yesterday. The Suno Chanda famed artist didn’t mention the names of celebrities directly, but we are pretty sure whom he refered to.

Soon after his post people came up with their views on condemning celebrities for missing such an important event, appreciated and agreed with his Farhan’s opinion and raising his voice.

Furthermore, while many of the celebrities are opting to keep it secret, some celebrities have shown their interest and have announced who they will vote in favor of, and have been encouraging all their kindred compatriots to turn out and vote. Farhan Saeed, Ramsha Khan, Imran Abbas, Juggan Kazim, Wahaj Ali, Minal Khan, Aiman Khan, Muneeb Butt, Sana Javed, Ali Xeeshan and many more took their Twitter accounts and urged to use their vote for the rights, humanity, and justice as being a part of one nation.

What’s your take on Farhan Saeed’s tweet?


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