History repeated itself today as women from all over the country came together to celebrate Women’s Day with the second official Aurat March. This year, the march was organised in the spirit of solidarity and sisterhood, and to reclaim safe spaces and equal rights for women as always.

We are all familiar with the infamous placards that struck a media frenzy last year, but women seemed to have upped their game this time around in all aspects. Not only were the demands bolder than ever, the turnout was monumental as well. The slogans varied from being informative and witty, while some were just downright badass. Check out some of the highlights!


In addition, the march was also joined by prominent figures, like Meesha Shafi, Adnan Malik, and Mira Sethi.


And as expected, the slogans have given rise to mixed emotions on the social media, majorly inclining towards an uproar by people who did not attend the march. Some apparently though the event was just for the elites.

Some people thought the banners were ridiculous, and disrespectful to the women themselves.



While some thought the discourse should have focused on rather grave issues.


And some people believed only a specific type of women attend marches as such.



On the other hand, there were many who were amused to see people getting heated up over mere slogans.

And some had a few words to add as an afterthought.

And evidently, a lot more who thoroughly enjoyed the slogans, and fully supported the purpose behind the whole cause.


To sum it all, it was a fearless initiative taken by women, for women, which should be lauded for days to come. The times where women were silenced over their basic rights are better left in the past, and it is crucial to bond and fight for a safe space in a misogynistic society. With that said, Happy Women’s Day! Let’s smash the patriarchy, together.


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