‘Comedy content isn’t a priority for channels anymore’ believes Mani


Salman Saqib Sheikh aka Mani thinks that comic content has become the least priority and faded away from Pakistani channels.

Mani appeared in Time Out With Ahsan Khan alongside his wife and tv actor Hira Mani. During the show, he talked about quality comic content in his early career days.

“I had to struggle a lot with my comic content. I wasn’t very good-looking and I used to mince words rather quickly,” he said. “Earlier, comedy was something else as compared to today. Currently, comedy isn’t a priority for channels. They make use of it in Ramzan for the ratings. People like watching something light in the evening during the holy month. That’s all that’s left. Comedy has faded slowly faded away,” he mentioned.

The actor-cum-host also disclosed that channels are not interested in paying comic actors anymore. “I acted in and produced several sitcoms and I also saw us lose interest in comedy as a genre. No channel wanted to give it a good slot, no channel wanted to put up a promo or teaser of it. No one wanted to pay actors who were doing comedy,” he concluded.

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