Let’s be honest this time and accept that TV One has fashioned the most startling OST for it’s Ramadan transmission titled Ishq Ramazan. The OST which numbers the two most giants in their fields – Sahir Lodhi and Shabbir Abu Talib – vows to give you goosebumps.

Directed by the talented Rizwan Malik, this OTS reflects the importance of family, love and compassion and what it means for a common man. Everyone in this world at the moment, including me and you, is too busy chasing his or her dreams that we often ignore the blessings we have in the form of family and loved ones. This OTS is purely about that which will leave you in an awe. The OST which covers two different stories (Sahir and Shabir) is backed by the beautiful voice of Shafqat Amanat Ali, yes that’s correct, could it have been any better than this?

The Ramadan transmission is all set to entertain and acknowledge people during Iftar and Sehr, and is surely going to win hearts of the viewers, not like just another Ramadan transmission.

Watch the video below:


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