Kiran – a girl with no legs, hands excels in education despite all odds


Hailed from Rahim Yar Khan, Kiran Ishtiaq doesn’t have legs and hands but her strong willpower and nerves of steel make her different from so many normal people out there.

Currently, the student of BS English at Khwaja Fareed university in her hometown, Kiran narrated her journey from an ignored disabled girl to topper in matric exams and now a university student.

Start from the beginning

“I was born without hands and legs and I lost my mother when I was just six months old,” she shared.

“It was a very difficult journey for me that I can’t put into words. Doctors told my parents at the time of my birth to kill me as they believed that I wouldn’t survive with this condition,” she recalled.

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Society Taunts

The young girl unearthed different reactions of people towards her disability and how they used to underrate her every now and then.

“People used to taunt my family on how they will grow me up with such condition. I used to avoid family gatherings and weddings because people always saw me differently and asked my family about my disability,” she lamented.

“I didn’t get admission in regular school due to my disability. Then, I took admission in private and gave matric exams,” she disclosed.

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Turning Point

Moving on in the interview, Kiran came onto how her life started changing right after she topped in her matric exams and it will surely give you motivation. “I wanted to prove all people wrong. I believed in myself and that belief took me here today when I think of making my name,” she said.

“I write and give exams with my mouth and take support from my neck and shoulder. I worked really hard and I achieved the top position in my matric exams. Nobody believed it, in fact, I couldn’t. But, it happened after every ounce of hard work I put into it. Now, people talk about me as a source of inspiration and motivation and I feel very happy,

“Today, I am enrolled in BS English and my aim is to become a role model for disabled people around me. I want to do something for them,” Kiran expressed her aims.


Kiran wants the Pakistani government to help disabled people like her as they are also the children of this nation.

“Now, I have big aims and I am confident to do something big in my life. I have seen people getting fixed with artificial arms and legs. I also want anyone to help me get those so that I can move freely and do my work by myself,” she wished.

“And, for Prime Minister Imran Khan, I would like to say that please help people like me as I am the daughter of this nation and it is your responsibility. If I can make a lot of efforts to prove myself in this condition, then you can also help us achieve our dreams,” she concluded.


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