‘Lack of quality scripts left our Tv industry in disappointing state’ Rubina


Veteran Pakistani actor Rubina Ashraf feels that the local Tv industry has been failed to produce quality scripts because the priority has now become quantity.

Speaking in Time Out With Ahsan Khan, Rubina said Pakistan has immense acting talent but unfortunately the country’s industry has failed to work on quality scripts.

“There’s so much that is lacking on television. We were the people who put television on the map at a time when everyone was interested in making films only,” she reminisced.

“Lack of quality scripts has left our industry in a disappointing state. There should have been a level of perfection which just isn’t there. There are still great dramas being made, but that’s only one out of ten. You pick one drama because you have to watch at least one thing,” she said.

“This happens. When quantity increases, quality usually goes down. But that should have been an issue in the first five years. Things should have picked up the pace by now,” she maintained.

Rubina gave the example of old dramas that gave Pakistani dramas an identity across the world.

“We earned a name for ourselves all over the world with the plays Ashfaq Sahab, Bano Apa and Mustansar Hussain Tarar wrote. So many big names and the direction of the time with shows like Ankahi and Tanhaiyaan. We did such great work, and when compared to that we are nowhere near where we should have been,” she lamented.

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