Pakistan music industry flourished the most during late 80s and 90s but the first five to eight years of the current century were not much different. We produced bands likes Jal, Aaroh, Call, EP, Akash, Mizmaar, and Raeth to name a few. But unfortunately, most of them disbanded later for different reasons and members started their own separate journeys, with and without their music. One among them is Wajhi Farooki of Reath band, who, after his lead guitarist Hasan Farabi moved to USA, went to Mumbai, India to pursue his career in Bollywood.

Yesterday, we caught the Bhulado famed singer in Karachi on the sets of ARY Digital’s upcoming drama serial Shadi and got to know more about his current music ventures at home and in India. “Raeth is still alive, working in Bollywood,” told Farooki, who sang the OST of the drama. “We worked in Bollywood films including Zanjeer, Lamha Tera Mera, 3am, Tera Shukria, Sab Bhulake and Adhuri Kahani OST Raeth version,” he added. Farooki also worked as playback singer and music director of Ishq.

Farooki told that he did not leave Pakistan to pursue his career in Bollywood completely but the band needed bigger platform after releasing two albums. “We didn’t leave, but were busy with international tours and Bollywood,” he told while accepting that the band he worked less in Pakistan in recent years.

“Raeth is an Indo-Pak band now and we are also working as music producer,” he informed. “The band members are from Darjeeling, Mumbai, Delhi, and Karachi and we love playing music together,” he added. The singer also assured that his band will soon be doing a show in Pakistan as well.

The Karachi born singer also talked about his current projects in Pakistan and told that he recorded a Qawwali titled ‘Khuwaja Ki Dewani’ and an OST for Lahore Se Aagey director Wajahat Rauf’s upcoming drama serial Shadi.

Sharing his views about the current pop music culture in Pakistan, he told, “Pakistani pop has turned to Pakistan film scene and that’s a crazy change. I’m loving this new look of our industry and excited to work more here.”

The lead vocalist of Indo-Pak band also talked about the current political situation on both sides of the border and believed that acquiring visa was never an easy job from both sides. “Post September, it was a bit tricky for some days but then, everything came to normal, everyone is working again in Bollywood and more Indo-Pak ventures are happening,” he told.


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